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Different from everyone else

Here are some of the reasons why over 600,000 households across Britain have left the big utility suppliers and joined the unique Discount Club.

If we can't save you money we'll even give you a £100 *

A single supplier for all your utilities

Here at The Uk Energy Guys we have teamed up with the Utility Warehouse, they’re different from the rest. In fact, they’re unique! They’re the only place you can get your Energy, Home Phone, Broadband and Mobile services, all bundled together. By combining services, they’re able to keep costs low and make life easier for our customers. You’ll have just one monthly bill for all your utilities, making budgeting easier and putting you in control of your spending.

£100 challenge The Energy Guys
£100 challenge The Energy Guys

Award-winning customer service

They’re a British company who believes that great service starts at home. With an award-winning UK call centre which can answer any of your questions and manage all aspects of your account, they’re here to make life easy for you.

A Discount Club that saves you money every day

We’re more than a utility supplier, they’re a club – a Discount Club. All our customers are members and they enjoy special club benefits. It’s free to join and means that not only can you take advantage of money-saving deals on your utilities but you can also enjoy other exclusive benefits, like CashBack on your everyday shopping.

£100 challenge The Energy Guys
£100 challenge The Energy Guys

Extra savings through CashBack

Exclusive to Utility Warehouse, our members can cut their utility bill by hundreds of pounds extra, every year, by earning CashBack on their everyday shopping. That’s because we’ve partnered up with over 2,000 of the UK’s biggest retailers – like Sainsbury’s, M&S, Boots, and eBay – to offer you savings through our unique CashBack card and online shopping site. Some members save up to 25% CashBack on their Utility Warehouse bill.

They don’t waste money on expensive advertising

Some people say that they’re the biggest company you’ve never heard of. That’s because, unlike the big utility suppliers, they don’t waste their members’ money on expensive television advertising campaigns or marketing gimmicks. Instead, they rely on their happy customers telling their friends and family about the savings, convenience, and award-winning service that they offer. All the money they save by not advertising, they can pass on to their customers through lower bills.

£100 challenge The Energy Guys
£100 challenge The Energy Guys

Service and prices that you can trust

They set out to be ‘the Nation’s Most Trusted Utility Supplier, the one you’d recommend to your mum’; an organisation that you can trust, with prices that are fair and services that won’t let you down.They don’t lure customers with cheap, introductory deals that turn into expensive tariffs later on. Nor do they tie you in knots with complicated long-term contracts. Instead, their low prices and exceptional service mean that members, new and old, always get a fair deal. It’s not just their members who have recognised this. They’ve won many ‘Best Buy’ and ‘Recommended Provider’ awards from Which? Magazine and have been named as one of the UK’s best energy suppliers for 10 years in a row.

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