About us

What makes us unique is that we are not an installer we are a consultancy who works on your behalf to bring in the best energy saving measures for your specific property.

With energy costs rising exponentially year on year, having somebody who is an expert within that field that is working for you and not just to make the most profit, businesses have found that taking the leap into renewables is now far easier than ever before. With too many hard sales type people just selling their one product, whether it works or not, it has been difficult for businesses to make the right decision.

Within business, if the wrong decision is made, it can have a massive impact financially, so it’s easier to do nothing.

On many occasions we have found that through our years of experience, we have been able to guide businesses to where very little or even no spend was needed, just changing a few bad habits. We have also been on appointments where Solar Pv was recommended by 2 previous companies, but once an assessment had been carried out, it was recommended that Solar was not fitted at that time. Better options were available that would suit the business and not impact on the business financially. This could of cost them over £30,000 and would not of produced the power required in the winter as they needed. No power was needed in the summer.

If you are a business considering what you need to do, would you be better getting 3 quotes that won’t make sense, or call The Energy Guys as your guide along the journey. When employing a solar installer direct, once they have finished the job, they are onto the next one. We have seen that in many cases they will not return if there is an issue, as they are on another big job in another area. By using The Energy Guys, our first concern is the customer and the incentive for the installer to return, is the pipeline of work that comes their way.

We only use the best in the business and our testimonials show that this is the case. You do not have this power when dealing directly with an installer. And because we are aware of what systems should be installed, and what price they should be installed at, we find most businesses don’t need to get 3 quotes.

Our prices are lower than going direct because we don’t have the same overheads of installers. Keeping the lads busy when not much work has come in can be costly. Many installers also have many vehicles that need maintaining, again pushing the system costs up.

If you are thinking of extending a house you don’t just get a quote from a builder, you have an Architect design it first as they are the experts. Just think of us as the Architects within your Energy journey.

We have grants available that can be used to fund the recommendations that we give meaning that in most cases the savings made from installing low energy usage products means the business can be cash neutral from day one.

Fantastic Company. We would like to say that The Energy guys did a fantastic job, and we would recommend them to anyone looking into solar. I was unsure who to go with, and as The Energy Guys don’t actually install the systems themselves, they helped me decide on what and who to use. They arranged everything and it was all done for me. Even helped with all the forms and the power company. Many Many Thanks.

Lez Armstrong

Meet the Energy Guys

Joel Tetlow


Joel Tetlow is our founder and Managing Director of The Energy Guys. He is the original Energy Guy some may say! The company was created when Joel realised that customers were not getting what they wanted when looking into renewables. He found that because it was just so confusing, with no clear direction as to what would suit the business, and everyone saying different things, it was easier to do nothing. So, the company was formed to be a bridge between businesses and the companies installing Renewable Energy products.

Joel has over 20 years’ experience within Project/Contract Management and the Renewable Industry. For 15 years Joel worked his way up from on the teams working on the BT network, installing Fibre Networks and Telegraph Poles carrying the phone lines.

He became a Site Supervisor, then a Project Manager, sometimes looking after 7 different projects at once, and finally a contracts manager overseeing 100’s of teams across the North West.

Being a great believer in being Green, Joel was offered the chance to move to a management role within the Renewables Industry, where he has been for the past 8 years. If there is something Joel doesn’t know about energy saving, it’s probably not worth knowing.

Sufficed to say you are in great hands with The Energy Guys as Joel leads from the front, and carries out many assessments every week, helping 100’s of businesses every year to reduce energy usage. In most cases without impacting on the business’s finances.

In his spare time, not that he has much as he is always out there helping other people, he likes to watch films, spend time with his family, and help out with charities where he can.