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We are a family run business based in the North West with over 10 years experience in the renewables industry.

We work with hundreds of homes and businesses and offer a bespoke service tailored to suit each individual case.

How we do this is by working as a consultant on the customers behalf, to find the best solution to suit their needs, find out what will save them the most money and most importantly find it at the best price.

We work in partnership with some of the best installers in the UK and they are all experts in their field.From heating a living room to mounting a large Commercial Solar Pv system we work with the best installers in the business.

We understand that it can be a very stressful process looking into renewables especially if your new to it all. Doing all the research can take hours and your just left wondering what will work for you and how much will it all cost.

That’s where we come in! We work with you and for you from the beginning to the end of every project no matter how big or small to make sure that you get all the correct information and you are happy throughout the entire process.

Call us to arrange a visit or call into our showroom on Manchester Road in Accrington where we showcase all the latest in energy efficient technology.

The Energy Guys

Making Energy Easy

Fantastic Company. We would like to say that The Energy guys did a fantastic job, and we would recommend them to anyone looking into solar. I was unsure who to go with, and as The Energy Guys don’t actually install the systems themselves, they helped me decide on what and who to use. They arranged everything and it was all done for me. Even helped with all the forms and the power company. Many Many Thanks.

Lez Armstrong

About us The Energy Guys
About us The Energy Guys
Are you a residential customer?

How can we help you save even more without any disruption to your busy life?

When we look at energy usage in the home we can already see a huge transformation with advances in new devices and also new behaviours.These changes mean we are more connected with our homes and how it functions.

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Are you a Property Investor?

How can new builds, renovations or refurbishment projects benefit from the use of a renewable energy?

With sustainability high on the agenda of many builders, it is important to know what types of renewable energy systems are available and what benefits they will bring.

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About us The Energy Guys
About us The Energy Guys
Are you a commercial customer?

Renewable Energy Technologies can generate energy and an extra income for your business

We have helped many businesses reduce their energy bills and reduce their overheads therefore increasing profitability. We offer a free survey and can assess your business energy demand and carbon emissions, we can then recommend measures that will reduce your overall energy spend.

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