Are Solar PV panels worth it?


Are Solar PV panels worth it?

Are Solar PV panels worth it? The Energy Guys

With the cost of energy rapidly rising, you might think solar panels could be the perfect solution to bring your energy prices down. Whether it’s your home or a business, solar panels could be perfect for you. 


There are a few mis-conceptions around solar panels. One of which is that panels have to be facing south, this used to be the case but as panels have evolved they now use light to generate energy, so the shading factor is more important than which way the panels face. You wouldn’t use a 50 year old manual to set up your new TV would you? 

With time, panels are also becoming more efficient and able to produce more energy per panel jumping from 200ws to 405ws in just over 3 years. Another is that you will be paying a bill while you are paying off your solar. This is wrong as the savings from your electricity bill is greater than what you would be paying for your solar PV system. 


Solar panels are great… when you’re in to use the energy at the moment it is created. Otherwise, the energy is sent back to the grid and it doesn’t benefit you. This is why for working families in their homes, we recommend smaller solar PV systems but adding a battery system so that you can store energy you create during the day and use it when you are home, so that you can take advantage of the FREE energy you are producing. 


When adding a battery system, domestic properties can take advantage of a night time charging rate and fill their batteries at night for £0.12p per kWh. Learn More Here

Are solar PV panels worth it for businesses?

For Businesses who use a lot of electricity during business hours of 9-5, a solar PV system is perfect for you. Using the energy you create for FREE, allowing you to cut your monthly costs by 70% throughout the year. Solar won’t take up any of your valuable work space as we can place it on your roof so you won’t even notice it is there. If you get a solar PV system installed before the end of March you can claim back 25% off your system price. 


Regardless of your situation, solar PV panels are a step towards energy independence allowing you to create your own energy to be used around your home or business and it will cost you nothing. 


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