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Here are our blog posts and case studies!

Here are our blog posts including posts all about how you can save on your energy bills, make your home more sustainable and advice on heating your home for less as well as some of our previous jobs!

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6 ways to easily reduce your Energy Bills

This is custom heading element Energy bills can be a significant expense for many households, but fortunately, there are several ways to reduce them without spending any money. In this blog post, we will discuss some free things people can do to reduce their energy bills in 2023 in the UK. Turn off appliances when [...]

The Benefits of Commercial Solar

This is custom heading element Commercial solar energy is an increasingly popular source of clean and renewable energy. With the rapid development of technology and the increasing focus on sustainable energy, commercial solar energy is expected to play a critical role in meeting energy needs in 2023 and beyond. In this blog, we will look [...]

Are Solar PV panels worth it?

This is custom heading element With the cost of energy rapidly rising, you might think solar panels could be the perfect solution to bring your energy prices down. Whether it’s your home or a business, solar panels could be perfect for you.    There are a few mis-conceptions around solar panels. One of which is [...]

Building Sustainable Homes

How can I make my home more sustainable? Across the globe, we are seeing extreme weather from droughts across the globe to floods in Pakistan. We are even feeling the effects closer to home with the temperatures reaching record levels over the summer. Something needs to be done to help slow down climate change and [...]

How can I heat my home?

How can I heat my home this winter? With the price of energy going up, it could be expensive to heat your home this winter! We know it’s important to be comfortable in your home and sometimes putting on an extra jumper just isn’t enough. Luckily, we have a solution to that problem. Did you [...]

How can I save on my energy bills?

How can I save on my monthly bills? With energy prices soaring, you should be looking for a way to save on your monthly bills. We have the solutions to help you save on average 70% on your energy bills! Whether it’s producing your own electricity, storing cheap electricity or using less electricity we can [...]


The Energy Guys were called in by Tufties Hair & Beauty Salon as they were struggling to heat the building. The property is a converted public house that is grade 2 listed and covers 3 floors. The windows are all single glazed and therefore lose heat. They had 1 thermostatically controlled system that heated all [...]


Location Morcambe LA3 System Size 50 kWp Energy production over 20 years 890000 Kwh’s Total CO2 Savings 450000 Kg Solar Panels 192 x REC 260W Peak Energy Solar Inverters 2 x Fronius inverters Mounting System Schletter roof mounting system Completion Date June 2015 The Energy Guys designed and organised installation of a 50kWp system on [...]


Location Barnsley System Size 50 kWp Energy production over 25 years 971,735 Kwh’s Total CO2 Savings 585 tonnes Solar Panels 188 x JA Solar 265W Solar Inverters 2 x Fronius inverters Mounting System K2 roof mounting system Completion Date October 2018   The Energy Guys designed, installed and commissioned a 50 kWp Solar Pv system [...]