Building Sustainable Homes


How can I make my home more sustainable?

Across the globe, we are seeing extreme weather from droughts across the globe to floods in Pakistan. We are even feeling the effects closer to home with the temperatures reaching record levels over the summer. Something needs to be done to help slow down climate change and reduce our carbon emissions.

Did you know that for every kW of energy produced by the grid in the UK it releases 0.94 kg of carbon dioxide, this leads to the energy industry releasing around 16% of the total carbon dioxide according to a government study conducted recently. 

Reducing your carbon footprint may be daunting and you may not know where to start! There are lots of steps you could take from small steps to big leaps. This blog is aimed at helping you understand your options around what changes you can make in your home that can have a vast effect on your carbon emissions. 

Building Sustainable Homes The Energy Guys

One of the options available is to install a renewable energy system so that you are producing your own energy and not using fossil fuel energy from the grid. Whether it is a Solar PV or a Wind Turbine system you can produce your own energy with no CO2 emissions. This could make a huge difference to your carbon footprint reducing it by over 2 tonnes on average over the course of a year. That’s the equivalent of a white rhino in weight. 

Then comes the issue of hot water. Normally, your gas boiler would take care of this. We could combat the use of gas boilers by installing either a heat pump or a super-insulated thermal store. These are useful as they use electricity to heat and supply water to your home. This makes them a good combo with renewable energy systems as you can heat, power and provide your home with hot water for little to no cost. This also reduces your carbon footprint massively as you have little to no reliance on fossil fuels in your home. 

Another option would be to use energy-efficient infrared heating. Infrared heating can come in many different products that we can supply for you. Whether it’s our Heated Canvases or underfloor heating. We can heat your room for less! Infrared heating is a good tool to reduce your carbon footprint in many ways. As it is an electric source of heating, if you use renewable energy you are heating your home using no fossil fuels or wasted energy. Infrared heating is extremely efficient and typically needs around 70% less energy to heat the same space. This means you could reduce your carbon footprint by up to 2/3 of your heating by using no gas to heat your home. 

Some other things to consider for your home may be insulating your home. The Insulate Britain group got notoriety for blocking roads and angering the population but fundamentally they had a good idea. If we were to insulate Britains homes we would use less energy to heat their home by 30% on average depending on your home. We can actually help you access FREE government grants to allow your home to be insulated. Visit our website!

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