How can I heat my home?


How can I heat my home this winter?

With the price of energy going up, it could be expensive to heat your home this winter!

We know it’s important to be comfortable in your home and sometimes putting on an extra jumper just isn’t enough. Luckily, we have a solution to that problem.

How can I heat my home? The Energy Guys
How can I heat my home? The Energy Guys
How can I heat my home? The Energy Guys
How can I heat my home? The Energy Guys

Did you know that the Romans created the very first form of the central heating way back in 100 BC. An engineer by the name of Sergius created “Hypocaust”. The idea was based on heating air. It was then allowed to flow around the house and heat the floor and walls which then kept the room warm by heating the surrounding air. Now, this was very inefficient but it is however the basis of our “modern” central heating system.


What are the problems with our gas central heating systems?

With the cost of gas tripling this winter, it will be really expensive to heat your home using a central heating system and radiators but this is just the beginning of the issues. Another problem may be that when you open a door it may feel like all the heat escapes. This is because it does! The hot air you have just spent money heating creates a pressure difference in between the heated space and the space on the other side of the door. This causes the hot air to rush out and escape the room. A further problem of a gas central heating system may be how much carbon dioxide is produced. When burning the gas to heat your home, carbon dioxide is produced as a by-product. For every hour your boiler is heating your home 215 grams of carbon dioxide is produced and emitted into the environment. This adds up to 2900 kg annually on average. You can also experience a lot of heat loss if your home is not well insulated meaning it doesn’t hold its heat for very long so you have to put your heating on more often.

How can I heat my home? The Energy Guys

What other options are there?

Infrared is a really good option for your home for multiple reasons. Central heating works by heating the air which then flows around the room. Infrared works completely differently, it works by heating the objects in your room. Maybe it’s your desk or sofa, perhaps it’s your coffee table and even you. Infrared works the same as the sun. It heats objects rather than the air. This means that the heat will not dissipate at the same rate as a standard central heating option. This means that you can save up to 35% on average on heating your home based on the fact that it requires less energy to heat the same space. Infrared is also a good option because unlike a gas boiler it doesn’t produce as many by-products and wasted energy also reducing your carbon footprint. Unlike conventional central heating, infrared doesn’t rely on your home is well insulated to keep the heat in (while it does help) making it a lot more effective to run and heat your home during the winter. 


Another reason why infrared heating is a good fit for your home is that it can be fitted in many different ways. You can get rid of that ugly radiator that is taking up space and replace it with a few different options. One amazing option is underfloor heating allowing you to heat your room and save space by not having to account for radiators. Unlike most underfloor heating, it is extremely efficient and uses up to 45% less energy. Another option may be infrared panels, they can be in two varieties, you can have a plain infrared panel or you can get a heated canvas. With many different designs available on our shop or maybe even send us your own photo and we can create you a personalized heated canvas.  To view, some of our heating designs visit and let us know which is your favourite!


Another good option for heating your home is an infrared bar heater. A brilliant idea for any space as they can be put up high and out of the way and will still heat your room to an extremely comfy and cosy temperature.  Want to know more about this product? Call us on 01254 476140 to discuss how we can heat your home more effectively!

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