How can I save on my energy bills?


How can I save on my monthly bills?

With energy prices soaring, you should be looking for a way to save on your monthly bills. We have the solutions to help you save on average 70% on your energy bills! Whether it’s producing your own electricity, storing cheap electricity or using less electricity we can help you!

Our team has over 10+ years of experience in the renewable energy industry and has a vast knowledge of the technology and understanding of how to optimise bespoke systems for your home to make sure you’re getting the maximum you can from your system.

How can I save on my energy bills? The Energy Guys
How can I save on my energy bills? The Energy Guys

What do we offer?

1- We offer a vast array of products and services to help save you money. When it comes to creating your own energy you can choose from a Solar PV system or a small Wind Turbine system. After installation, you will notice an instant reduction in your monthly bill. Worried about the cost of the system? We can spread the cost for you with our finance option as the savings produced by the system are greater than that of the finance.

2- We are finding that batteries are becoming increasingly popular with customers as you can store unused energy to use at a later date rather than sending it back to the grid for them to charge you the full price when you buy it back. We can provide you with different-sized batteries depending on how much energy you would use during the day.  The batteries also come with a handy smartphone app so that you can track your energy usage as well as the performance of your solar or wind systems.


3- Alternatively, you could use your batteries differently without the aid of solar panels. During the night, energy is a lot cheaper and depending on the tariff it is available for 7.5p per kWh of energy, now you could charge your battery during this period and store it for use during the day so that you are not paying the full day price for electricity. For an average home, we would fit a 9.5 kW battery and that would easily store enough energy for your home to use all day long. Using the “Load shifting” technique you can power your home for just 71p per day plus a standing charge. This will save you over £1000 on average returning you 15% on your investment in the first year.  

4- What can you do about removing your old gas boiler? We have a few different options available to you that can replace your gas boiler depending on a few factors. One alternative is an Air Source Heat Pump which works by drawing air into the system which is then used to heat the water in the system. Typically they are great for hot water and amazing during the summer months when they are not required to heat your home as they can also provide air conditioning in some cases depending on the model you choose. You may be left wondering how you can heat your homes without your gas boiler. We have an effective, highly efficient and healthier way to heat your property explained down below.


5- Another alternative would be a super-insulated thermal store. The premise of this system would be that you would heat the water when it is cheap and then store it in an extremely well-insulated tank where it can hold its temperature and only drop a single degree throughout the day. This again is using the same principle that charges the batteries. They are amazing for your home as they can be cheap to run as you can heat a tank in as little as 2 hours using your cheap electricity at night time. This would also be fully automated so you wouldn’t have to do a single thing. 

6- Now, what about using less energy when heating your home? One way to make sure your spend as little on heating your home as possible is to make sure you insulate your home to the best standard possible. This can make sure you save 30% on heating your home. All that by making sure you can keep the heat you produce in your home. What if we said you could get insulation installed into your walls for FREE. We can help you access government grants allowing you to insulate your home for absolutely nothing with no catch! See if you are eligible now at ECO 4 Grant Scheme and start saving today.

7- Maybe you use electric heating or maybe you want to use less gas, we have the perfect idea for you. We can offer you energy-efficient infrared heaters, which to heat the same space, use 60% less energy on average! We can offer these infrared heaters in many different ways! We can offer them as underfloor heating, bar heaters or even heated canvases. Be sure to check out our other website where you can look through our gallery to see what canvases we have to offer or even send us your photo and we can print a personalised canvas. Check out our specialised heating website to see more of our heating products!


These heaters have different sizes and produce different amounts of heat. Depending on the size of your room (as well as other factors) you may need a specific size. To help you calculate this just take the dimensions of your room and multiply them together (width x height x depth) and times that number by 25, this will give you the wattage you need to heat that room effectively. 

Hopefully, this blog post was helpful and has explained to you what options are available to you in order to reduce your energy bills. Look out for future blogs which may have in-depth descriptions of products or look at some of the exciting new projects we have undertaken recently.

Whether just one product or a combination of our products, we can help save you on your monthly bills so that you can live more comfortably in these uncertain times. We pride ourselves on helping our customers save on their energy bills and helping to guide them to the best solution for them. 

If you have any questions call us on 01254 476140 or visit our showroom at 52-54 Manchester Road, Accrington, BB5 2BN. Visit our website at to have a look around!

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