how it works


Stages of becoming part of the renewable energy

1) Firstly, you will have a phone call with one of the consultants at The Energy Guys.

2) The customer service department will call you the day before to confirm your appointment.

3) You will now have your agreed appointment with your personal consultant – They will tell you if renewable energy is going benefit you or not and also, how it will benefit you. They will let you know on savings that could be made, how it is better for you and your business/home.

4) Customer service will make contact with yourself to do a customer service call to make sure the appointment went ahead ok, you may have more questions since your personal consultant has been out to see you and we can help with this further.

5) You and the consultant can keep in contact with each other if needed, they will help you as much as you require on making a decision on renewable energy.

6) The decision is now yours on becoming part of the renewable energy family. The paper work and further assistant is down to your personal consultant, they will take care of everything for you making the full experience straight forward and stress free for you.

7) When you make your decision, your personal consultant will now gather your information and information on which renewable energy solution you have decided on, this will be passed onto the relevant company to get access to the funding towards your renewable solution.

8) Now you have been updated on how much funding you will be granted, this is now down to your personal consultant to fill in all the required forms for your funding.

9) Now you have the available funds for renewable energy! This is now down to us to make contact with the best installer for you, they will let us know a date and time they’re available, we will inform you on this to make sure there is a date and time suitable for both you and the installer.

10) Finally, you’re now a part of the renewable energy family, you will have all our relevant contact details for further help/assistance. We are available via; Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Email and telephone. We are here for you from the beginning of the process to make sure you have a fantastic experience with us here at The Energy Guys!!