Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

When preparing this quote and in the absence of a site visit being carried out, we have
made certain assumptions when calculating the irradiance and payback figures.
Attached are the projected financial benefits over 25 years showing the potential income
and savings that could be achieved from the kWp Solar PV system.
The basis of the projection is specific to your location as it uses the location postcode within
a climatic database to determine the average “irradiation/m2” over the past 10 years; from
the MCS Regulations 2013.
The projections also use several assumptions:
 Electricity cost increases at 8.0% p.a. (2011 was 17%).
 Your current electricity cost per unit is 30 pence per kWh.
 90% of the electricity generated will be used by the building.
These are estimated payback figures and subject to change once a full site survey and
design has been completed.


Predicted System Performance
The Microgeneration Certification Scheme sets out how an estimate of system
performance must be arrived at. This is known as the standard MCS procedure. Whenever
a quotation is issued, it is a requirement that we also issue the following “disclaimer”:
The performance of Solar PV systems is impossible to predict with certainty due to the
variability in the amount of solar radiation (sunlight) from location to location and from
year to year. This estimate is based upon the standard MCS procedure and is given as
guidance only. It should not be considered as a guarantee of performance.
If any shading whatsoever is present the following disclaimer must be added
We have established that the system will be subject to some shading; therefore, we are
required to issue you with the following disclaimer:
This shade assessment has been undertaken using the standard MCS procedure – it is
estimated that this method will yield results within 10% of the actual energy yield for
most systems.


Terms & Conditions

1. The contact is subject to the following payment terms unless otherwise agreed in
separate payment schedule detailed within the Subcontract Order:
A) 3 stage payment schedules:
1. Material procurement
2. Installation of mounting system, PV panels, inverters and cabling
3. Testing & commissioning of the system (to be undertaken within 1
month of project commencement).

2. We will make the formal application for connection to the appropriate DNO as per
the relevant Small-scale Embedded Energy (SSEG) engineering recommendation G99
& G100 (2003) Regulations, the statutory DNO response time can be up to 62
working days.
3. We are required to comply with the appropriate regulatory measures as defined by
OFGEM, accordingly the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) application for
registration shall be submitted by us within ten (10) calendar days from the
completion of the testing & commissioning phase of the contract work (If

4. Finance figures are for guidance only, we would be pleased to introduce you to our
funding partners to receive a quote to suit your individual needs.
5. This contract is made subject The UK Energy Guys Ltd Standard Terms & Conditions



This contract has been based on our installation partners being able to install your system as
per the schedule of works without interruption. Should there be circumstances beyond our
control which cause an interruption to the installation process we will discuss with you the
implications of such a delay.
Should you wish to make any amends/changes to the agreed installation after the
acceptance of this contract, again we will prepare a new contract for you, but we reserve
the right to charge for any reasonable costs we have incurred in working towards the
original installation details.
If, during the installation process, we come across any situation that we could not
reasonably be expected to foresee, for example, remedial electrical or building work, we will
discuss with you the implications and costs involved in rectifying the problem.
Should you request any changes after the installation process has begun that involve
additional cost, we will provide you with a quotation based on the daily or hourly rate of our
installers. The rate that would apply would be £40 per hour or £320 per day.


Timetable for Works and Installation
Once you have signed the contract, we will contact you and arrange a mutually agreeable
date to arrange a site survey/planning meeting with yourselves if required. We will confirm
this with you in writing. The installation date will be subject to workload and availability of
materials. We will contact you at the earliest opportunity should there be any delay in
obtaining the goods or services required. We will provide an Installation Timetable prior to
commencement of installation to ensure minimum disruption to your business. In addition,
we will hold on-site installation planning meetings with your nominated representative to
ensure you are fully updated on progress and to finalise any special requirements, e.g.
power shutdown planning for final connection.
We will schedule the installation based on a continuous working period; however, there may
be circumstances beyond our control (adverse weather) which could cause an extended
installation period.

Deposits and Advance Payments
Any payments you have made to us or will make to us according to the timescales set out in
this contract will be placed in a “Client Bank Account”. These deposits and advance
payments can only be used to carry out work under this contract.
Should we cease trading because of receivership, administration, or bankruptcy, the monies
in that bank account will be returned to you or will be given to another MCS Approved
Contractor to complete the work.
* Deposits are used to fund the next stages of planning and are nonrefundable*
For domestic customers the Renewable Energy Consumer Code ensures that any deposits and
advance payments are protected with an insurance policy. We will give you the name and
contact details of this insurance company if requested. You will be entitled to claim on this
policy should we fall into receivership, bankruptcy, or administration. Insurance policy details
will be sent to you. If you do not wish to register these details, please inform us.


Planning Considerations
Planning permission may be needed if the property where the installation is to take place is
within a Conservation Area, National Park or an Area of Outstanding Beauty. If the property
is a Listed Building, you should assume that planning consent would be required. In any of
these circumstances we would strongly suggest you contact your local planning authority.
Whilst we will assist you in gaining any permission, it will be your responsibility to ensure
these permissions are in place. We cannot be held responsible for any installations carried
out where planning permission was required but not obtained and no refunds will be

Structural Issues
If we are in any doubt as to the structural suitability of the building, then a structural
engineer should be consulted. From our part, we will assess the suitability and will only
install if we feel the structure is suitable. If we are in any doubt, we will liaise with you with a
view to consulting a suitably qualified person. Depending on the circumstances, this will
either be at our or your expense. We will make clear, in writing, our position on this matter
should it arise.
Data Protection
We will keep information about individuals in accordance with data protection
legislation. We will not pass information to any third party without your permission.

Your equipment is guaranteed by its manufacturer, but you should contact us in the first
instance if anything appears to be wrong. The guarantees are 12 years for solar panels and
12 years for the inverter. The performance guarantee is for 25 years on the solar panels, full
details can be found on the product data sheet you will receive in your final pack. The
inverter and the mounting system components have a manufacturer’s warranty. See
product sheets for details of warranties.
Should the installers cause any damage, either to installed equipment or to your property,
they will rectify such damage without charge to you.
The installers guarantee their workmanship for 2 years from the date of installation. This
workmanship warranty will be transferable to the new legal owner of the property if it is


sold during the warranty period.

As our installers are members of RECC we/they are required to ensure that should we/they
cease trading, due to receivership, administration or bankruptcy, that this warranty will still
be honored.
Provided you give us permission to do so, we will register your contract under the RECC
Deposit and Workmanship Warranty Insurance Scheme. An insurance provider will insure
this workmanship guarantee. The insurance provider will send the policy documents directly
to you. This policy will be at no additional cost to you.
The UK Energy Guys Ltd provides a consultation service to its clients advising them on
the best sustainable technologies to maximize their energy efficiency, reducing cost and
carbon emissions.

The installation of your system will be installed by one of our specialist partner companies,
who are experts in
their field and can therefore ensure an efficient and timely installation with minimal
disruption to yourself.
We work closely with our installation partners to ensure you receive the best possible
service and workmanship of the highest standards. Should this service or workmanship fall
below expectations or there is an issue or problem with your installation in the first instance
please contact your installation company directly to resolve the issue in a timely manner.
The UK Energy Guys Ltd will provide any and all the help and support it can in these
circumstances to provide a swift and satisfactory outcome. All installation workmanship
guarantees, and product warranties are issued by the installer, and it is therefore the
responsibility of the installer to carry out works under the guarantees and warranties.
As our installers are all members of RECC, we must have appropriate insurance to cover
possible third-party damage, which may be caused by any of our activities in supplying a
small-scale energy generator to you.


Commissioning the system
The Solar PV system will be commissioned according to MCS installation standards to ensure
that the system is safe, has been installed in accordance with documented procedures and
manufacturer's requirements and is operating correctly in accordance with the system
design. We will also make any required Building Control notifications and you will be
forwarded the documentation within 30 days.
Following the testing and commissioning of the system, a detailed operating manual will be
provided to you within 7 days.
DNO Approvals and Costs
The G99/100 application for grid connection will be completed and submitted to your
Distribution Network Operator (DNO) on your behalf. The DNO will then assess the potential
impact of this connection on the National Grid. The assessment of the application for
connection is to ensure that the proposed Embedded Generation installation has no adverse
effects on the network or any adjacent customers. Once this has been completed, they will
inform us of the conditions of connection and any associated costs.
As these will vary for every application, we will inform you once these have been
confirmed to get your written acceptance before work can go ahead. The costs will need to
be paid by you once agreement has been reached. For installations of 50kWp or greater
the DNO will apply the full assessment/requirements of G59/3 and it will be required to
install further protection other than the inverters which needs to incorporate duplicate
loss of mains protection. This additional protection and testing will normally need to be
witnessed by the DNO, prior to the generation being energized. We will arrange all
requirements for this testing and advise you of the costs accordingly.

After Sales Support and Maintenance
If, following installation, the system does not appear to be operating correctly please refer to
the operating instructions. We will explain to you, at the handover stage, the safe operation
of the system.
If you are still in doubt as to any aspect of the system's operation,
please contact us. We will issue to you at Handover information as to
shading and maintenance.
We can, should you require it, provide servicing and/or maintenance contracts at additional


If You Wish to Accept the Contract
If you wish to accept the contract, please read the terms carefully. If you are happy with the
terms of the contract, please e-sign and return it to. We will then contact you to arrange the
date for the installation. Metering will be required for you to obtain any export payments,
and this is carried out by your own power company.

RECC and the Renewable Energy Consumer Code
As all our installers are members of RECC, this document is prepared in accordance with
its Renewable Energy Consumer Code.
A leaflet describing the Renewable Energy Consumer Code is enclosed with this
quotation. The Code can be viewed in full at http://www.recc.org.uk/scheme/consumer-

An assessment survey will be carried out to determine the optimum positioning and
arrangement of the PV array and inverters, any special requirements for mounting the array
/ roof fixing and the required electrical installation requirements. The Customer will be
notified if these will require any variation to order.
Health & Safety
Following the survey, a detailed Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS) will be
provided. However, if there are any specific site risks of which you are aware, these must be
notified to us in writing prior to our submission of the RAMS.
A detailed H&S Site Register will be always maintained throughout the installation period.
The terms of this must be fully always complied with.
A full Health & Safety compliant scaffolding system to enable access to the roof as well as
personnel protection, whilst working at heights to enable safe working, is not included.
During installation, an appropriate form of materials handling equipment will be provided to
facilitate the safe lifting of panels and associated equipment onto the roof.

Structural Assessment
We have included a basic desk-based structural assessment based on postcode, wind and
snow loading information. There will be an additional charge if a detailed structural engineer
is required to visit the site and carry out a detailed assessment.

PV & Mounting System Fixing
The PV mounting system will be fixed to the roof skin using appropriate penetrative fixings.
For installations where the roof material consists of non-penetrative materials, the most
suitable mounting system will be determined at the design stage and details supplied to the

Site Welfare
An area will be required for the installation team which provides shelter and drinking water.
In addition, we would request that you make available suitable toilet facilities during the
period of installation.

An appropriate certified Generation meter will be installed with every solar PV system. For
solar PV systems over 30kWp an additional Export meter may be required to be installed for
you to claim for any exported electricity. This will require your DNO to issue an Export
MPAN number. You will need to appoint a Meter Operator for the Export Meter.

The Meter Operator needs to be the same for both your Import and Export Meter. The
export meter can then be installed by an approved supplier, normally your current supplier.
If you have an existing “half-hourly” meter, a separate Export meter may not be required, as
the half hourly
meter can be adjusted so that it can supply export information.
Please note we are not allowed to fit Export meters as they are positioned on the “supply-
side” of the Import meter.