Property Developments / Home Improvements


New Builds, renovations and refurbishment projects can benefit from the use of a renewable energy or heating system.

Energy efficiency ( and the associated low running costs ) is often high on the list when we think of eco builds.Often first thoughts turn to space heating but an eco building needs to address energy consumption wherever it occurs, hot water and electricity consumption (with LED lighting throughout) is also important. For most, the driving force behind building a low-energy home or business is saving energy ,therefore, saves money. Yes, anything we can do to help the planet is a huge factor but ultimately the savings are what people focus on, and understandably so with the constant rise in energy costs.

With sustainability high on the agenda of many builders, it is important to know what types of renewable energy systems are available and what benefits they will bring.

That’s where we can help!

For example, we meet hundreds of homes who are adding extensions to their existing property and one of the first things they have to consider is heating, hot water, electric, lighting etc. Most people we speak to go down the traditional route of installing radiators or they increase their boiler size for the extra demand, these are just to name a few.

Regarding any installations, we work in partnership with the best in the business and we project manage the process from start to finish.

We have developed so many good relationships with our customers both commercial and domestic that even long after installation we are always at the end of the phone should they encounter any problems, we will help as best we can.