Residential Energy Services


How can we help you save even more without any disruption to your busy life?

When we look at energy usage in the home we can already see a huge transformation with advances in new devices and also new behaviours.These changes mean we are more connected with our homes and how it functions.

We want to be more aware of what we are spending and stay in complete control of what we are using.With huge developments in technology we can now do this even if we are away from home, we can even switch the heating on before we get home from work!

Here at The Energy Guys there are various solutions that have already helped hundreds of customers save money on their bills each month. Low carbon energy options are no longer unusual in a domestic environment. We talk to a lot of customers who like the idea of generating their own power and not having to rely on the energy suppliers for all of their demand.Another huge plus is that they are reducing their carbon footprint, as we are all becoming more aware of the damage being done to our planet.

This can be through the use of Solar Pv, Battery Storage, Hot water Devices and brand new heating technology.

Here at The Energy Guys we can visit any home and we are quite certain there is a solution out there for everybody, whether you are simply wanting to switch your energy supplier or wanting to look into renewables and what would be the best option for you and your home.

Looking into renewables as an option can be confusing and with all the mixed advice and information online a lot of people are put off and say “I will look at it another time”.

We have always had great feedback from our customers as we work on your behalf and do all the work for you.Only recommending products that will benefit you and save you money each year!

We also offer a energy switch service where we look for the best deal out there for you on your gas and electric, which could save you a small fortune.