9x Series Air Source Heat Pump

9x Series Air Source Heat Pump The Energy Guys

Double energy system by air source technology and smart electric water integrated technology.

All in one design, easy installation, save space.

Safety, the electricity is completely separated from water, without any poisonous gas, liquid or trash letting in while running.

Save energy, saving more energy by 70% comparing with ordinary water heater.

Protecting Environment. There isn’t any burning gas from the water heater. The refrigerant won’t contaminate the ozonosphere. So, it benefits the society.

Supply water anytime, and not be affected by geographical and weather changing.

Intelligent control, the water temperature can be adjusted as needed and controlled by micro-computer automatically.

Model RS-3.6FAD/150L RS-3.6FAD/190L RS-3.6FAD/260L RS-3.6FAD/300L RS-4.2FAD/260L RS-4.2FAD/300L
Rated Input Power 0.8 KW 0.8 KW 0.8 KW 0.8 KW 1.2 KW 1.2 KW
Rated Heating Capacity 2.8 KW 2.8 KW 2.8 KW 2.8 KW 4.0 KW 4.0 KW
Rated Current 3.6A 3.6A 3.6A 3.6A 5.5A 5.5A
Power Supply 220V~240V / 50Hz 220V~240V / 50Hz
Outlet water temperature 55 degrees 55 degrees
Water output capacity 60L/H 60L/H 60L/H 60L/H 86L/H 86L/H
Capacity of Water Tank 150L 190L 260L 300L 260L 300L
Electric Heater Power 2KW 2KW
Auxiliary heater ampere 9.1A 9.1A
Electricity Water capacity 41L/H 41L/H
Refrigerant R410A / R134
Condenser Copper coil /Double skin copper coil /Stainless steel coil
Evaporator High efficiency finned heat exchanger
Solar Coil Available for 190L , 260L and 300L
Noise (dB) 46 46 46 46 50 50
Water connection DN20 DN20 DN20 DN20 DN20 DN20