Heated Paint

Heated Paint. Turn any wall into a radiant heater

By using our special techniques, our heated paint can turn any wall or ceiling into a radiant heater.

Pre-fabricated plasterboards

Developed as a means for accelerated project installations, industry standard boards are printed with the heated paint technology embedded onto the surface. The plasterboard is then cured, sealed and ready for shipping. Each board comes with a pre-terminated pair of fire rated cables for easy connection onto its 24V circuit. The boards also come with fixing points for industry standard at 40cm centres. Once installed the board is ready for gypsum skim coat plaster finish, allowed to dry before the 24V power is applied.

Spraying or paint roller application

Our heated paint can be applied using 2 methods. By use of a spray gun or by a paint roller. The spray gun is one of the most effective methods and increases production application time as only one coat is required. The paint roller method is ideal for retro fit projects where a spray gun may cause splashing damage to existing structures. The paint roller requires 2 coats and therefore slows down the application time. When completed, both methods are very effective with the end results providing a unique heating system.

Paint over with your favourite colour

Once the heated paint system is installed, it can be completely painted over using any water based decorative paint, making it invisible to the naked eye. No requirement for any boilers, radiators, pipes, water, tanks, gas or oil. The wall or ceiling becomes the radiator, which will free up valuable space in your property.

Single heating zones to multiple heating zones

Our heated paint can be installed as a single heating zone for one off installations or can be designed and specified for large multiple heating zones. The applications is endless and can cover a vast number of sectors including healthcare, hospitality, education, retail, industrial, commercial and residential.

Energy savings compared to traditional heating systems

Benefit from energy savings compared to traditional heating systems. Only 350 watts / m2 consumed per heating zone. Powered by 24V toroidal transformers, each transformer is specially optimised and wound to reduce losses. Low consumption rate with high heat output can be integrated with Solar PV systems to further assist with energy savings.