Thermodynamic System is a new concept in thermodynamic compact systems.

The THERMODYNAMIC System is an innovative water heater that includes a heat pump system with solar gain and a water tank.

TD store retro fits the latest in a line of revolutionary thermodynamic domestic hot water systems, provided to you by The Energy Guys

Dedicated to producing efficient hot water in its own storage tank, the TD Store series will simultaneously heat the existing water cylinder in your home or business. The exclusive static condensation process in the TD Store is unique offering lower running costs and resolves issue’s being experienced with other thermodynamic systems such as air intake and space for installation.

The TD store series is pre-installed with an ecological fluid (R134a), which passes through an aluminium panel at minus temperatures. This allows the unit to collect natural energy sources, from the wind, sun, rain – night or day. Ecological fluid collects heat from the air via natural convection, which is then compressed to increase temperature – passed directly into your water storage unit. The fluid is then passed through an expansion valve and back to the panel as the process repeats itself. That means perpetual function 365 days a year.

How does it work

Discover what the TD store series can do for your home! After a short period of time the TD Store will reach the set point of 55ºC giving the system 75/110ltr of Domestic Hot Water (DHW) ready to be used.

When the TD Store is at temperature, it will transfer the energy from the store to the existing cylinder ensuring that there will always be a minimum temperature of 45 ºC in the existing cylinder.

The previous heating cycle is repeated several times transferring the energy from the TD Store to the existing cylinder until the set points of 55ºC in the TD Store and 50ºC in the existing cylinder are reached.

Main advantages for you:

  • Flexible installation via compact unit
  • Uses ecological fluid R134a
  • Isolating injected polyurethane 40kg/m3
  • Increase in stored DWH water volume
  • Higher performance / efficiency with lower noise
  • Low heat recovery time
  • Aluminium Condenser
  • No expensive water pump or heat exchanger
  • Electrical resistance back up
  • Can be retro fitted to existing cylinder
  • 80% potential savings using the TD store retro fit