Morcambe LA3

System Size

50 kWp

Energy production over 20 years

890000 Kwh’s

Total CO2 Savings

450000 Kg

Solar Panels

192 x REC 260W Peak Energy

Solar Inverters

2 x Fronius inverters

Mounting System

Schletter roof mounting system

Completion Date

June 2015

The Energy Guys designed and organised installation of a 50kWp system on a thriving family run farm near Lancaster.

The Energy Guys successfully tendered for the project, which began part of anagricultural initiative by The Energy Guys to help reduce many farms carbon footprint in the area. Over 150 dairy farms have not been helped throughout the country.

The Energy Guys worked with the chosen installers throughout the design and installation process of the Solar Pv system, to reduce the over all energy requirements of the farm. The seamless system integration involved working with other trades on-site in a completely non-disruptive manner, as there was a lot of improvements being made to the electrical network, and new farm buildings were being built.

The solar power system is comprised of 192 REC 260w Peak Energy Series solar panels, 2 Fronius three- phase inverters. The system offsets site electricity charges during the business working hours and exports surplus electricity to the grid on when the farm doesn’t need it. This will be stored when batteries are financially viable.

Wannops ME & Son has benefited greatly from the install taking advantage of the Uk heatwaves that we have been having. The system over produced electricity by nearly 50% in the summer of 2018.

The weather, which has helped break all previous solar-power generation records, has been welcomed by the award-winning farm as it has assisted in powering the businesses milking parlour and milk cooling on site.

The 50 KWp Solar system installed under The Energy Guys guidance will produce approximately  45,000 units of electricity per annum and 890,000 units of electricity over the next 20 years.   This is the equivalent of powering 270 homes for a year.  The solar panels will offset over 450,000 kg of CO2 over the next 20 years.  This is the equivalent of planting nearly 1500 trees.

Wannop  ME& Son owner, Dave Wannop, commented “We had wanted to do something about our energy footprint being this is a family run farm, and we wanted it to be sustainable for many generations. Joel came out to see us and made complete sense in what he proposed. As this is new to me, I had a good friend who is an electrician sit in on the meeting and he concurred with everything the Energy Guys said. It was a “No Brainer” in the end. “We’ve seen the instantly noticeable impact of solar power and savings and would encourage more companies to take this route too.”

“When Joel first said we could have our electricity units at 2p per Kwh I laughed, but it seems he was right. I was paying 13p per Kwh and I believe it’s now hit 15p per Kwh so at 2p it hasn’t cost us anything, it pays for itself. I didn’t even have to stump up for the system as I pay for it monthly using the 11p kwh I save.

I wish I had of met Joel sooner, but better late than never”