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Posted on: 6th August 2019



System Size

50 kWp

Energy production over 25 years

971,735 Kwh’s

Total CO2 Savings

585 tonnes

Solar Panels

188 x JA Solar 265W

Solar Inverters

2 x Fronius inverters

Mounting System

K2 roof mounting system

Completion Date

October 2018


The Energy Guys designed, installed and commissioned a 50 kWp Solar Pv system on a family-owned metal merchant business in its third generation, dating back to 1918.

The Energy Guys worked with the chosen installers throughout the design and installation process of the Solar Pv system, to reduce the overall energy grid consumption of the business. The planning and execution of the installation was key to the success of the project ensuring that the day to day running of the business was not affected.  To that end, the system was commissioned on a weekend to ensure that the shutdown and final commissioning didn’t impact the business operations, which was made clear by the client from day one.

The solar power system is comprised of 188 JA Solar 265w panels, 2 Fronius three- phase inverters. The Solar Pv system allows for onsite generation and therefore reduces the amount of power taken from the grid. The company benefits from the Feed in Tariff scheme with quarterly payments for the energy it generates.

J Blackburn & Sons had been looking into solar power for some time due to the rising cost of electricity. When the Energy Guys were contacted, it was our down to earth straight forward approach than won the contract.

“The way it was explained was simple and made perfect sense, our accountant checked out the figures and agreed with them. Once we’d agreed the deal our big concern was disruption to the business during the installation.  However, The Energy Guys organised everything around us, from the scaffolding to the electrics & even coming in at the weekends.”  J Blackburn.

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